Serving more than 30 thousand students


Curriculum and Instruction


To support the district’s mission by providing instructional resources and technical assistance, which enhance the effectiveness of every teacher in Paterson Public Schools and enables them to better serve our students.  This is accomplished by:

  • Developing a curriculum framework for all grade levels and content areas, which clearly delineate teacher expectations and essential learning outcomes for all students.
  • Reviewing and identifying instructional materials to support the curriculum.
  • Identifying teaching strategies most appropriate to deliver curriculum effectively and communicating these strategies to teachers and administrators.
  • Working with building and district level administrators to assess, monitor, refine and evaluate the implementation of effective instructional programs that are aligned to the curriculum.
  • Providing meaningful staff development through modeling, demonstrating, and presenting in-service training, which reflects research-based “best practices,” supports capacity building within the district and augments job-embedded staff development in each school.